Beach City Double Century

View from Inspiration Point in Corona Del Mar
Photo by Jim Cook



Jim Cook and his team of family and friends are planning to host the new “Beach City Double Century” on September 22, 2018, and they are looking forward to you and your friends joining them for a fun day on your bike.  This new Double Century will showcase many incredibly beautiful vista points in Orange County.  The above photo was taken from one of those points on the new course.

The course includes the following:

Popular cities:

Laguna Beach
Corona Del Mar
Newport Beach
Huntington Beach
Sunset Beach
Seal Beach
Long Beach
Lake Forest
Mission Viejo
Dana Point
San Clemente
and more…

Legendary course highlights:

Surf City, U.S.A.
Queen Mary
1984 Olympic Cycling Road Race Course
San Juan Capistrano Mission
Florence Joyner Olympiad Park
Ole Hanson Beach Club
San Clemente Casino
Western White House

The Beach City Double Century will be a fully supported ride with aid stations every 25-30 miles, roving SAGs, and it will have a 19 hour time limit.  There is an estimated 10,000 Feet of Climbing on the course.

The course is well tested and proven since it is mainly based on the “Long Beach Century”, the “Olympic Road Race Century”, and the “Oceanside Century” which Chuck Bramwell has been leading in Orange County for many years with the Orange County Wheelmen as training rides for the Double Centuries.

Special NdZONE Recognition;  Jim Cook wrote: “A special thank you to Chuck Bramwell and Hugh Murphy for all their contributions over the past couple months.  Their energy, ideas, and suggestions have significantly formed the new Beach City Double Century. I was so fortunate to have been blessed with their help.”

Registration for the Beach City Double opens on February 14,2018.  More ride details will be a available after registration opens.  The Volunteer’s Ride will be on September 15, 2018.

The Beach City Double Century has been added to the 2018 California Triple Crown Ride Calendar at  and completing it counts as California Triple Crown credit toward winning your Triple Crown.  The White Mountain Double Century has been placed on hiatus in 2018.”

Happy New Year from Jim Cook and the NdZONE Team!!