Men’s Fastest Time: Jason Perez
Time: 10:40 Year: 2016

Women’s Fastest Time: Sara Cooper
Time: 12:24 Year: 2014

Fixed-Gear’s Fastest Time: Steve Smead
Time: 12:24 Year: 2014

Tandem’s Fastest Time: Paul McKenzie and Sarah Schroer
Time: 12:04 Year: 2014

Team’s Fastest Time: Bad Daddies
Time:14:06 Year:2012 (Chris Noesser & Brent Obinger)

Fixed-Gear Team’s Fastest Time: Team Pudu (Mike Melville & Jason Pierce)
Time: 17:28 Year: 2010

Most Finishes Men: Mike Wilson 6 times

Most Finishes Women: Joni Bauer, and Any Beck 7 times

Most Wins Men: William Pease 2 times

Most Wins Women: Ann Trason 2 times

Youngest Male Finisher: Francisco Gonzalez 24

Oldest Male Finisher: G M Rosenblatt 83

Youngest Female: Natasha de Lange F30

Oldest Female Finisher: Anny Beck 60

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