Volunteer Information

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Beach City Double / Century / Metric. Please read the information below, and if you, friend or family member would like to volunteer please scroll to the bottom to fill out the form below. The more info the better for it will help us when organizing the crew and making arrangements.

  • Directions to request a work assignment for the day of the event and for riding the Staff Ride.
    1. Fill out the form below requesting an assignment where it is indicating staff personnel is still needed
    2. Receive a confirmation email with an approved assignment, Staff Code, and Waiver.
    3. If you are riding a Staff Ride register as a rider using your Staff Code and submit a signed waiver before riding.  The Official Staff Ride is on September 17th, but if you need to ride on other day between August 27th and September 24th, except for September 10th. All Staff rides are unsupported.
  • There are two types of opportunities to help out on the day of the event. The first opportunity of helping out is at an aid station, which involves setting up and taking down the aid station, keeping a stock of food, nutritional products, water  available for the riders, You must be will to drive yourself to the aid station, transport equipment, supplies, and riders up the course or back to the finish as needed.  The second opportunity is to be SAG driver where you are roving the course in your own vehicle to assist riders with mechanical issues (a copy of your driver’s license and insurance is required for the SAG assignment).
  • If you want family member volunteering on your behalf of a rider or yourself, please fill out the form below requesting an assignment where it is indicating staff personnel is still needed. If you are working the event you are considered a volunteer by the California Triple Crown.  A volunteer’s credit for the California Triple Crown will be awarded for any level of volunteering.
  • We will reimburse volunteers for fuel expenses incurred the day of the event. Volunteers should turn in receipts with their reimbursement request within two weeks of the event.
  • Once we’ve confirmed you as a volunteer, we hope you will keep your word and be at the event. However, if something comes up unexpectedly please let us know as soon as possible, thanks.
  • Monday before the event, we’ll send our Crew Assignments email with all the details. When you receive your email, please send an email back to confirm receipt and to let us know you’ll be there.
Assignment  Date Time Primary Location # of Staff still
Friday – Ride Prep 9/8 9:00AM-
San Clemente 2 Retrieve coolers & bins from storage. Inventory existing supplies. Costo shopping for food & drinks.
Monday – Ride Prep 9/18 9:00AM-
San Clemente  2 Organize food and supplies for rest stops.
Friday- Final Prep 9/22 9:00AM-
San Clemente


 Costo shopping for ice & water. Pick up equipment and supplies for AM Rest Stops and Lunch.
Saturday Morning Registration 9/23 3:45AM-8:30AM Courtyard


Rider check-in.
RS #1- Florence Joyner Olympiad Park 9/23 6:30AM-
Alicia Pkwy/
Olympiad Rd, Mission Viejo


Double – Mile 33
Century – Mile 18
Hectic rest-stop; High energy; Excitement.  Great first Kodak location.  The double and century routes merge at this rest-stop.
RS# 2- NB Lutheran Church 9/23 8:00AM-
Dover Drive/ Castways Lane,
Newport Beach


Double – Mile 59
Century – Mile 48
Metric – Mile 9 & 53
Rather hectic rest-stop; High energy; Excitement.
Metric route merges with the rest of the routes.
RS #3- Queen Mary 9/23 9:30AM-
Shoreline Village Drive, Long Beach 3 Double – Mile 84
Century – Mile 70
Metric RS #2 – Mile 31
The coolest rest stop on all courses. Another great first Kodak location.
RS #4- Lunch 9/23 11:30AM-
San Marco Park, Irvine


Double – Mile 117

for everyone!

Finish-Line for the Century and Metric.

RS#5 – Pavion Park 9/23 1:00PM-
Jeronimo Rd/ Olympiad Rd, Mission Viejo


Double – Mile136
This will be warmest Rest Stop of all, but there is a lot of shade.
RS #6– Vista Del Sol Park 9/23 3:00PM-
Vista Hermosa/ Avenida Costa Azul,
San Clemente


Double – Mile 158
The farthest point south on the course, and a great full-on view of the ocean.
RS #7 –
JAX Bicycle Center
9/23 4:00PM-
Market Place/
Alicia Pkwy,
Laguna Niguel


Double – Mile 172
The setup for this Rest Stop will be in the parking lot behind the bicycle shop.
Finish 9/23 6:00PM-
Courtyard – JWA  2 Check-in of riders.
SAG/Sweep 9/23 Morning / Afternoon/
Double / Century / Metric


In the middle of the action – all day.
Delivery/Pick-up of  Equipment & Supplies to the Rest Stops 9/23 5:30AM-11:00PM Courses:
Double / Century / Metric


Delivery / Pick-up of supplies and equipment to the rest stops
Ride Wrap – Monday after 9/25 12:00AM-
San Clemente


Inventory existing supplies. Clean and store equipment.

Please fill out the form below. Thank you.

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