Beach City Double / Century / Metric

Beach City Double / Century / Metric
Notice of Change for 2020 Beach City Double Century

The 2020 Beach City Double (BCD) has been change to a virtual format due to the current COVID-19 restrictions for public events. The 2020 Beach City Double – Virtual (BCD-V) will give you the another opportunity to enjoy your bicycle and to earn California Triple Crown (CTC) ride credit during these difficult times. The below format applies to the Beach City Century and Metric too.

BCD-V details and format:

· May be ridden anytime from August 29th to September 26th.
· Must be completed within one continuous 24 hour period.
· May ride the Beach City Double Century route, or an equivalent route (outdoor or indoor smart trainer) of at least 200 miles with a minimum 7,000′ elevation gain anywhere in the USA and Canada.
· All riders and volunteers must register before participating in this event.  Registration is completed only after submitting a completed register form, payment (if a rider), and submitting a signed a waiver dated on the day you rode or volunteered (email waiver to  Only riders and volunteers who have completed the registration process are edible to participate in the event and receive CTC credit.
· It is important when riding with others that all participants practice the 6 feet social distancing, masking up when not rolling, and are respectful of what others are or are not comfortable with to stay safe.
· Suggested list of mini-marts and 7-Elevens near the normal Rest Stops, as a reminder bring a mask for these businesses require you to be wearing one for them to serve you, and specified course markings on the route sheet will be provided to assist riders riding the actual BCD course.
· Supported may be provide by your own household members or your “quarantine bubble”.
· SAGs must register before of the ride, and note in the comments section of the registration form who you are providing SAG and who should receive the CTC Volunteer credit.
· If you are riding the BCD course the Start and Finish location is at the Hotel Irvine in Irvine. However, the hotel is closed so you may pick your own Start/Finish location anywhere on the course.
· All riders must have a Strava account. The ride record must be set for public viewing. The Strava results must be submitted to Jim Cook at The data will be verified and results will be submitted to the CTC for ride credit after 9/27/20.
· Cost will be $50 includes service fee.
· Previous registrants will get a refund of the difference, or they may choose to roll it over to 2021 BCD.
· Everyone will receive an entry into a drawing to win a free registration into the 2021 Beach City Double, unless you are riding the Beach City Double’s route for this year’s BCD-V and then you receive two entries into the drawing. Either way you are in the drawing just for riding the 2020 BCD-V.

For Reference Only:
The 3rd Annual Beach City Double / Century / Metric on September 12, 2020 is excited to have the ride’s start/finish at the Hotel Irvine in the great City of Irvine. The route goes through canyons, by the 1984 Olympic course, to the beautiful vista points along the Orange County beaches, and to the Queen Mary in Long Beach. So come out to enjoy a fun day on your bike.

The routes include a variety of the below cities and highlights, except for the Double and it includes all of them:

Popular cities:

Laguna Beach
Corona Del Mar
Newport Beach
Huntington Beach
Sunset Beach
Seal Beach
Long Beach
Lake Forest
Mission Viejo
Dana Point
San Clemente
Laguna Niguel
and more…

Legendary course highlights:

Surf City, U.S.A.
Queen Mary
1984 Olympic Cycling Road Race Course
Florence Joyner Olympiad Park
Capo Beach

The following items are included in your registration:

  • Lunch
  • Commemorative T-Shirt
  • Scenic routes to chose from 200, 100 or 62 miles.
  • SAG stops 25-30 miles with a wide variety of food, water, Hammer Products and manned with friendly volunteers to help you.
  • Full roving SAG support on all routes.
  • NdZONE’s Special rates for Overnight Parking and Rooms at our host hotel and free reserved parking at the Square.
  • On-line enrollment fee, Insurance, …

Beach City Double Century “Invite a Rider” program!!  We would like to see everyone participate in this program.

Most all of the current Double Century Riders were challenged and/or invited by another rider to ride their first Double Century back when they were riding Centuries and Metrics, which is what has created the Double Century community that we all enjoy so much today.  Everyone remembers their first double, and therefore we encourage you to give someone that experience.  Invite rider that hasn’t ridden a Double Century before and become part of growing this community.

Here’s how the “Invite a Rider” program works. As a registered Beach City Double Century rider, you have the opportunity to invite as many First-Time Double Century Riders as you want.  As the First-Time Double Rider registers, you will ask them to enter your name in the “Invited by” block on their registration form.  As they do so, your name will appear on the Beach City’s Ride Roster next to the rider you have invited. There is no limit to the number of riders you can invite. After a rider’s status has been confirmed with the California Triple Crown as a First-Time CTC Rider, an award of $15 per rider will be placed into your PayPal account.  If your name appears the most on the roster as “Invited by”, you will receive the new Beach City’s “Challenger of the Year” award, and your name will be added to the NdZONE Records.

The same program also includes incentives Century and Metric as well, which for a Century rider is $10 and for a Metric rider is $5. There is no CTC confirmation required for these invites and therefore the funds awarded here will be placed into your PayPal account in September. The Century and Metric riders will get to ride over 80% of their ride with the Double Century riders with the way the routes overlap. It is my hope that this program will help create many exciting First-Time ride experiences and expand the enjoyment of riding to more of your friends.

Look forward to seeing you there!!

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NOT APPLICABLE FOR 2020 for reference only:
The Beach City event starts and finishes at the Hotel Irvine in Irvine, The City of Irvine offers a system of bicycle lanes and trails to encourage the use of bikes as a means of transportation. It has 44.5 miles of off-road bicycle trails and 282 miles of on-road bicycle lanes.  The City of Irvine is one of the most bicycle-friendly and safest communities in America.

Our Host Hotel for 2020 Beach City Double•Century•Metric is Hotel Irvine!  The hotel is located on the corner of Jamboree Road/Main St. between the 405 and 5 Freeways.

Parking is available about 2 miles down Main St. next to the Square from the Hotel Irvine.
Map of Off-site Parking Location
Route from off-site parking to the Start

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Our Host Hotel for 2020 Beach City Double / Century / Metric is Hotel Irvine!  The hotel is located on the corner of Jamboree Road an Main St. between the 405 and 5 Freeways.

NdZONE’s special rate of $99.00+Tax per night

Reservations must be made no later than August 14, 2020 in order to receive the discounted room rate. Any reservations or changes made past the cutoff date cannot be guaranteed but will be accepted based on availability.

On-Line Reservations

Or call (180) 032-1221 xx1 or (194) 975-7120 x0 and you identify yourself as part of the NdZONE, California Triple Crown – Beach City Double•Century•Metric Bicycle group staying at the Courtyard Irvine John Wayne Airport/Orange County, located at 2701 Main St., Irvine, CA 92614-6230.

NdZONE’s Special Overnight Parking is $10.00 per night.

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Friday, Sept. 11, 2020:
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm Rider Check-In/Registration for the Beach City event.

Saturday, Sept. 12, 2020:
4:00 am – 5:00 am: Rider Check-In/Registration for Double Century Start
6:30 am – 7:00 am Rider Check-in/Registration for Century Start
8:00 am – 8:30 am Rider Check-in/Registration for Metric Century Start
11:00 pm – All Courses Closed

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The Rules/Policies section to design clearly state NdZONE’s position on the rider safety and on business practices for the participants. We treat everyone equal, and therefore there are no exceptions to the rules and policies for anyone.  NdZONE is committed to creating enjoyable events. Thank you for your interest in the Beach City Double / Century / Metric.

Riders that break rules will be disqualified and prohibited from entering future events and lose their California Triple Crown credit.

  1. Riders must follow the basic rules for safe cycling.
  2. Riders must follow the California Motor Vehicle Code. Riders who do not follow these are considered to have added an unnecessary risk to themselves, other riders, drivers, and they will be immediately disqualified.
  3. Riders must comply with the requests from the local law enforcement and CHP.
  4. Riders must wear the official event identification provided at check-in.
  5. Riders must carry personal identification with emergency contact phone number during the event.
  6. While cycling riders must wear a correctly fitting and fastened helmet.
  7. Riders must check-in at the start/finish lines and every Rest Stop, no exceptions. A rider who does not make a time cut-off poses a risk to themselves or others and should volunteer request SAG for their own safety and the safety of others.  If a course marshal sees you are suffering from sleep deprivation they will request that you accept SAG, if you refuse SAG from a course marshal will be DNF or disqualified from the event. Your emergency contact will be called and informed of them of your status. No further assistance will be given and the rider will be fully responsible from that point forward.
  8. Riders may not have a personal vehicle on the course for any reason (SAG, cheering, photos, etc.). Riders with any association to a personal vehicle anywhere on the course are considered to have added an unnecessary risk to themselves, other riders, drivers, and they will be immediately disqualified.  Family and friends are encouraged to volunteer, which allows them to be in permitted locations on the course for their own safety and the safety of the riders.


  1. Riders at check-in are required to show your driver’s license or State ID, sign the Accident Waiver before they are allowed to participate in the event. The waiver will not be modified in any manner.
  2. Riders must pay the event entry fee, and/or use a Volunteer’s Ride Credit.
  3. Staff Ride Credit will be given proportional to the amount of time volunteered on the full-day of the event. If a participant volunteers a full-day they will receive a credit for the full price of the event and a half-day receives credit for half of the price of the event, and so on, plus an event T-shirt is given to a  rider, or a friend or family member volunteering on their behalf of a rider. Any ride credit or a portion of it may be used at any time.
  4. Entry fees are the same for the day of the event and staff rides.  Day of the event and staff ride credits and fees are non-transferable, non-refundable, un-exchangeable and/or un-rollable.
  5. The above entry fee policy applies if the event has to be canceled/modified due to an act of God, war, terrorist act, government regulation, riot, disaster, or strike, provided said act or event makes performance hereunder impossible. NdZONE Inc will have no liability for power disruptions of any kind.  The affected riders will be permitted to sign up at the best price entry fee for the next year’s event up to the end of the registration period.
  6. We will email you a confirmation when you complete the online registration process, and we will add your name to the event roster once we have received your payment or Ride Credit request.
  7. When registration is closed, it is closed. Only riders who have registered and therefore have their name is on the event roster may ride.
  8. Please do not ask, there will be no exceptions to the deadlines, policies, prices, or rules for granting them would be unfair to the riders who have complied with them.

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Women’s Sizes: S-XL   Men’s Sizes: S-3XL

We are honored by Dori Lewis’s graphic design work for the Beach City T-shirt.
Registering by August 25, 2020 guarantees receiving a T-Shirt and your requested size.

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The Beach City Double Century was inspired and made possible by Chuck Bramwell.  It is well tested and proven since it is mainly based on the “Long Beach Century”, the “Olympic Road Race Century”, and the “Oceanside Century” which Chuck has been leading in Orange County for many years with the Orange County Wheelmen as training rides for the Double Centuries.

Special NdZONE Recognition;  Jim Cook wrote: “A special thank you to Chuck Bramwell and Hugh Murphy for all their contributions.  Their energy, ideas, and suggestions have been significant forming the new Beach City Double Century. I have been so fortunate to have their help.”

The Beach City Double Century was added to the California Triple Crown in 2018, and continues to be scheduled on the CTC Ride Calendar at  and completing it counts as credit toward winning your California Triple Crown.

The Beach City Double route goes through Santigo Canyon, Live Oak Canyon, Florence Joyner Olympiad Park, Laguna Canyon, Laguna Beach, Inspiration Point, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach (Surf City, USA), Seal Beach, Long Beach, and turns around at the Queen Mary, then back to Newport Bay and through the Back Bay to Irvine for lunch. After lunch then the route goes through Mission Viejo to Wagon Wheel Canyon, San Juna Capistrano, Capo Beach, down to a beautiful ocean view park in San Clemente, and then back to Irvine via Dana Point, Laguna Niguel, Aliso Viejo, and Lake Forest.

The Beach City Double Century is a fully supported ride with aid stations every 25-30 miles, roving SAGs, and it has a 19-hour time limit.  The time limit is soft if more time is needed it will be provided within reason and safety limits.  The route is an estimated 186 miles with 7,000 feet of climbing.

Hydration and nutrition are important. You are expected you to have two large water bottles and/or a high capacity hydration system, and you should be experienced with using a hydration supplement.  Bring that supplement with you and use it. A double century event is not the place to experiment with hydration and/or nutrition. You should be using the hydration and nutrition that you train with on your daily rides on this event.

We will have seven fully stocked and placed aid stations.  We will have some Hammer product, snacks, and fruits.

Double Century Route (This could change for various reasons before the event.)

This is a preliminary route slip (not for event use). Beach City DC Route Slip 2019-09-3

The Route Slip received at the Rider Check-in are always the Official Route regardless of any route information posted on this website or anywhere else.

The Double Century route has been broken into 3 separate RidewithGPS files to help avoid any navigation issues.

1st File   2nd File   3rd File

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The Century route goes across Irvine and joins the Double Century route at the Florence Joyner Olympaid Park and onto the beautiful vista points in Laguna Beach, Inspiration Point, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach (Surf City, USA), Seal Beach, Long Beach, Queen Mary and back to Newport Beach, then goes through the bay back to Irvine.

Century Route (This could change for various reasons before the event.)
The Route Slip received at the Rider Check-in are always the Official Route regardless of any route information posted on this website or anywhere else.

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The Metric Century route goes the Newport Beach Bay and joins the Double and Century routes through the beautiful vista points in Huntington Beach (Surf City, USA), Seal Beach, Long Beach, back to Newport Beach, then goes through the bay and back to Irvine.

Metric Century Route (This could change for various reasons before the event.)

The Route Slip received at the Rider Check-in are always the Official Route regardless of any route information posted on this website or anywhere else.

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