2010 WMD Results

The 2nd annual White Mountain Double Century was a successful event. It started off by remembering the people who had lost their lives in 9-11, the 6,000 plus cyclist who have lost their lives in accidents since 9-11, and Dan Crain. I was very thankful and proud of all the riders with the way they rode this year because there were no accidents on the course.

The WMD was a very exciting event this year. We had drawings for free products and for a free entry to an ultra-distance race. Many riders returned from the WMD test and inaugural rides to ride with their friends, there were many new riders that ventured out over the route, and the Executive Director of the California Triple Crown rode the event for his first time.

This year was truly action-packed. I introduced a new concept for riders to participate in the event as a team. The teams were eligible to enter a special drawing for a free entry into Race Across the West. My daughter was thrilled to pick the winning team. Congratulations! To the White Mountain Goats, Josh Talley and Michelle West. I’m looking forward to seeing them at the 2011 Race Across the West start line in Oceanside, California on June 15, 2011.

A huge thank you goes out to Rick Boethling, Executive Director, and Fred Boethling, President and CEO of Race Across America for their generosity in providing such an amazing prize for the team drawing, and for their support of this team concept.

We also had second drawing for riders to win a 60-day supply of Moxxor. A very powerful Omega 3 and antioxidant, from New Zealand, used for recovering faster from long rides. The two winners of this drawing were, Jo Camicheal and Steve Meichtry. Congratulations to Jo and Steve! We hope you’ll enjoy some quicker recoveries from your long rides. A big thanks goes out to Ken Watson, business owner of MoxxCycling.com for donating these prizes.

Ann Trason was the first woman to finish this year, as she was last year too. Ann said she likes the course. She did very well by taking 52 minutes off of the record she set last year. Will Pease is the fastest and the nicest rider I know. He shared finishing first last year and this year too. Will took 50 minutes off of his record, and finished with speedy Holger Steinback. This finish completed Holger’s first California Triple Crown for him and was Will’s only second double ever. A big congratulations goes out to Ann, Holger and Will on their impressive first place finishes!

The creator of the WMDC jersey, Jim Poppy came in next after Will and Holger by taking an hour and 24 minutes off of his time from last year. Congrats Jim.
I am inspired by everyone’s finish because I knew the last 40 miles of headwinds were brutal. If this was your first double century ever, please let me know. I will be adding a records page to the results, so if you have what you may think is a record for the White Mountain Double Century please submit to me, Thanks.

This year, I introduced the Winston Churchill Award, “Never Give In” for riders who never lost sight of their goals. The winners of this award this year are Cathy Keeley, Cohn Merrick, Jeffery Rogers, and Mark Martinez. These riders did not finish the brutal Inaugural White Mountain Double Century event last year, but they came back this year and conquered it. That’s the way to do it! This award also goes out to riders, Victor Dei Rossi and Dave Stefanides. Like all of us life gets in way sometimes, and you don’t make it to the start line. Last year, that happen to Dave and Victor, but they never lost site of their goals and this year they were successful. A SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS goes to Cathy, Cohn, Dave, Jeffery, Mark, and Victor. Also I’d like to mention it was Mark’s 49th double.

One hundred and twenty-five riders registered for this year’s event. 110 riders started the event, an impressive 107 riders crossed the finish-line, and plus another 5 riders who completed the staff ride. A special mention to WMD, King of Single-Fixies, Mike Melville who returned this year with a rookie, Jason Pierce. They both rode the course as two-person fixed-gear team and set a course record for the team fixed-gear category – I am sure no one wants to break this record any time soon. Mike said he’ll be back next year with a four-person team riding fixed gears. Looks like I’m going to have to work on a new prize.

The riders who completed the second Annual White Mountain Double Century event have their names and times listed below. The 15 riders that DNS, 3 riders that DNF have not been listed, but we would like to thank them for their participation and efforts, and look forward to seeing them receive the Winston Churchill Award next year.

The event had significant improvements from last year. One of the major changes was the level of volunteers for both the public and staff rides. We had such an out pouring of help this year. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the volunteers who worked long, hot hours to help support our riders. I also appreciate your feedback with suggestions, comments, blogs, pictures, etc. I’m already incorporating changes that will continue make WMDC a challenging and fun experience for all. I would like to thank everyone again who participated in this year’s event and I am looking forward to seeing you again. Ride Safe. Thanks! ~ Jim Cook

Recorded Finish Times for the
White Mountain Double Century 2010
Rider and Volunteer Feedback:
Thanks again for a wonderful ride and congratulations.
I saw on the CTC Website that White Mountain Doublle has a Extremely High degree of difficulty rating. Apparently Chuck riding the ride had something to do with tis, as we discussed that evening at the Motel!
I feel better now knowing that I completed one of the few “extreme” DC’s in the CTC.
Thanx again for a well organized, well run DC – look forward to improving my time next year (pray for no headwind).
~Carl W. Northeimer

Thanks for providing tube socks and ice for everyone. It made it a lot more comfortable. Came in with a couple of riders. One was sick or over heated and we waited until he recovered enough to limp in at 12 MPH.
I trained a lot for White Mountain and expected to do a lot better this year but felt I needed to assist one of the riders I was with. Anyway It wasn’t a stage race and was fun to go slower for a change.
Have a great day,
~John T. Clare

Your White Mountain Double is truly a different and most difficult ride. The climb is epic. Like Colorado’s Mount Evans epic. What a challenge!!
Your support was so impressive. You and your support team were everywhere and most appreciated by me and by everyone I rode with. So Thanks!!
How did you get all of those Porta-Potties out there to the middle of nowhere?
Amazing. Lots of the course were Amazing.
Those 15%+ pieces on the White Mountain climb really took my breath away.
About the only suggestion I have is: At the Benton Rest Stop, the only sodas left with DIET. I was looking for a FULL STRENGTH Coke or Mountain Dew as I needed all the help I could get at that point. Especially battling those headwinds coming into Bishop.
All of the water stops with lots of ice were most appreciated. We lucked out with excellent weather … I could see where riders could get dehydrated out there very easily so the ice was really helpful.
~Chuck Bramwell

Thank you for having such a great ride for me to work at. Sign me up for next year.
~James Nichols

Thanks for a great double! My friends and I were very impressed with
the ride, the route, and especially the super great volunteers. The
aid stations were great and it was fun to see the same aid station
people at multiple stops. I’m sure this ride will turn into a “must
ride this one” double. I can’t wait to see the pictures.
~Judy Gonzalez

Thanks for pretty much a perfect day on Saturday! If you could have done something about the headwind for the last 40 miles, that would have been gravy! Once again, outstanding care for the riders, with rest and water stops spaced perfectly, and plenty of good nourishment. I also was very pleased with the way the jersey turned out. The graphics held up really well, and they are nice and colorful.
It’s these kinds of weekends that keep my spiritual boat afloat during the long hours in a cube. Thanks for putting on this event. It’s one of my favorite places to visit and cycle, and we couldn’t have planned for better weather and riding.
~Jim Poppy