2013 WMD Results

The Fifth Annual White Mountain Double offered a highland and lowland challenge on both Saturday and Sunday, which included new records being set in the most mild weather the event has ever seen. One hundred and twenty-six hundred riders put the rubber down on the double centuries, and one rider on the 150 mile course. One hundred and seven riders crossed the finish line. The names of all those that finished are listed below, and those riders that DNF and DNS are also listed. They have the opportunity to come back next year to earn the Winston Churchill Award.

5th Annual White Mountain Double Results:

First Place Men Finisher: Patrick Rehorn
CONGRATULATIONS! Pat on setting a new solo course record: 10 hours 59 minutes. He crushed the previous record by 39 minutes, which had been by Joel Sothern. Pat of course stopped at the Smoothie Shack to enjoy the first smoothie of this year’s ride. He was the first rider and only to date to finish the course with a sub 11-hour time. Pat had a light headwind back to Bishop in which he delivered an outstanding performance. Pat… Congrats again!!

Other outstanding finishes came from Carl Sanders, Dale Capwell, and Gary Swanson, which finished faster than the previous record time.

First Place Women Finishers: Andi Ramer
CONGRATULATIONS!! Andi was the first women to come across the finish! That’s the way to go Andi… incredibly consistent. Congrats again Andi!!

The Sunday White Double Results:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! First places finishers Michele Slaton and Gary Swanson, both finishing in 14:09. BTW this was Michele’s first double… Wow!! Watch out for her!!!

The Annual White Mountain Double Double took a life this year with 15 riders attempting to ride back to back White Mountain Doubles, which proved to be a great challenge with 9 of them completing the event.

WMDD First Place Male Finisher: Gary Swanson
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Gary on being the first rider ever to finish the full White Mountain Double Double, and on delivering a rock solid performance through out the whole event.

WMDD First Place Female Finisher: Andi Ramer
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Andi on being the first female rider ever to finish the full White Mountain Double Double, and for having an incredible attitude through out the whole event.

The Winston Churchill Award, “Never Give In” is given to a rider who did not complete the White Mountain Double Century, but had tenacity and determination to came back the next season and finished! A SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS to Keith Jensen, Don McKaugkan, Paul Ries, Krist Roginski, and Sherie Schmidt for displaying a “Never Give In” performances in 2013. Be sure to ask this year’s WCA Winners about their recent success, these riders have some awesome stories to share.

Archduke Kenneth Khanh Du was the only finisher of the 2nd Annual Ride Around White Mountain this year in 14 hours 24 minutes.

Once again I am truly inspired by everyone’s participation and efforts to finish the course. I can’t over emphasize how much I appreciate the crew of volunteers and riders. Each year, a higher level of experienced riders and volunteers return to support the event, and each one of you executed your roles and responsibilities perfectly. You have my most sincere thanks for all you do in helping make the White Mountain Double be a fun and safe event. I hope enjoyed the weekend. It was my honor to have you at the White Mountain this year.

Thank you again for all who participated in this year’s event, and I’m looking forward to seeing you next year. Ride Safe.

With Gratitude ~ Jim Cook


Thanks everyone for all the great photos/video.
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2013 WMD Crew:
The White Mountain Double Century Support Crew did an incredible job providing the best environments possible for such a great challenge. A huge Thank You goes to an awesome group of volunteers who truly make this event better every year!

Saturday Crew:
Baking the Potatoes: Jesse Smith
Check-In: Linda Hopkins,Corrine Puga, Juile
Follow Vehicles: Fred Klinzmann, Alan Bolf, Ed Caluza, Mike Wilson, Andrea Alfaro
West Guard Aid Station: James Nichols, Dean , Mike Wilson, Andrea Alfaro
Schulman Water Stop: Fred Klinzmann, Frank
Gilbert Pass Aid Station: Joni Bauer, Doug Beisner, Linda Hopkins
Lunch @ Boonies: Chris, Jesse Smith
Dan Crain’s Water Stop: Steve and Juile
Smoothie Station: Priscilla Cook, Fred Klinzmann, Ken Waston, Linda Hopkins, Rachel Cook
Hwy 6 Water Stop: Frank, Alan Bolf, James Nichols, Dean
Basalt Aid Station: Mike Wilson, Andrea Alfaro,
Benton Aid Station: Doug Beisner, Joni Bauer, Corrine Puga, Ken Waston
Roving SAG: Jesse Smith

Sunday Crew: Jesse Smith, David Slaton, Anny Beck, Ira Kucheck, Len Nathe, Jason Laurence, Ron Hearn, David Park, David Dubowitz, Steve Jackson, Jim Cook

A special thanks goes out to the awesome people at the California Triple Crown, Hammer Nutrition, California Highway Patrol, CalTrans at Bishop, Inyo County, Mono County Nevada Department of Transportation, Nevada Highway Patrol, U.S. National Forest Service, Boonies Restaurant, Satellite Phone Store, M & K Enterprises , and Bishop Waste Disposal.

Rider and Volunteer Feedback:
Congratulations on producing a great event—the White Mountain Double. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride and found the course, the rest stop products, and the volunteers to be first rate. Your production team did an outstanding job of making a challenging double enjoyable. I’m glad I finally did White Mountain.
Thanks again for a great event.
Lawrence J. Gitman

I rode the White Mountain Double on Saturday (Highland) and had a great time. The support was great and the ride was beautiful. I will have to say, putting the ride on twice on consecutive days was a very ambitious undertaking!!! Kudos!
Paul Ries

White Mountain Double Century ride report
Steve Meichtry

Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your event! You have a spectacular course and your aid station volunteers were spectacular as well! I know that they worked hard all day because I kept seeing them time and again! Your placement of the stations worked well for the conditions of the terrain and weather. And having a drop for lights and clothes was an unexpected service for me, having ridden brevets for the last few years! And finally, you have scheduled the ride as a perfect final training session for the 508! Thanks for all the work that you have put into your event!
Louise Comar

Thanks for a great adventure.
Alexis Berthillier

Thanks again for seeing me through. I had a great time. You put on an extraordinary ride. So wonderful.
Alyssa Freas

Thanks for putting on a great ride this past Saturday. The weather was perfect and the support was excellent. Please extend my thanks to your great group of volunteers.
Robert Morris