2016 WMD Results

The Eighth Annual White Mountain Double was the very exciting year hosting the FINAL Stage of the California Triple Crown Stage Race with riders from eight states. The heat and wind was right on schedule and a new course change provide an extra challenge after lunch. One Hundred and forty-one riders put the rubber down on the double century. One Hundred and twenty-seven riders crossed the finish line. The names of all those that finished are listed below, and those riders that DNF and DNS are also listed. The rider’s that DNF or DNS have the opportunity to come back next year to earn the Winston Churchill Award.

“This year’s Final Stage was very interesting. Jason Perez controlled the Final Stage at the White Mountain Double by taking the leading pack out on ridiculously fast pace up to the base of White Mountain then allowing the pack to aggressively attack the 8K climbing on the first half of the course, and then pick them off before reaching the 5.5K of climbing on the backend. His hammer went in the final miles to set a new course record by 17 minutes (10:42).

While Derek Stedman appeared feeling the affects of the morning’s pace and the stress of being passed by Jason, he struggled to get to the finish line as fast as he could. Derek had 30 minutes Jason at the start of this stage, but was it enough. No one knew, Jason, Hugh Murphy, myself, and even Derek didn’t knew until he got to the finish line. This was the most exciting moment I have seen in endurance cycling. All patiently waited to find out who was going have the fastest overall time, as the minutes pass by the intensity grew.

Derek rolls into the finish, his time is 11:20. 21 minutes off the old course and 39 minutes later than Jason’s WMD finishing time. Jason wins the Stage Race by 8 minutes. It is historical moment, the first time in the history for the Stage Race a recumbent rider is faster than a standard rider. Jason definitely had a plan of how he was going to win long before he rolled up to the start-line along the skills and training to make it happen. Congratulations Jason!!! You’re amazing!”

First Place Men Finisher: Jason Perez

First Place Women Finisher: Lori Hoechlin and Rebecca Eckland
Lori and Rebecca were the first women to come across the finish line. CONGRATULATIONS to the both of you!!

Gerd Rosenblatt at 83 set a record for being the oldest rider to complete WMD.  Congratulations Gerd!!

The Winston Churchill Award, “Never Give In” is given to a rider who did not complete the White Mountain Double Century, but had tenacity and determination to came back another season and finished! A SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS to Anthony Martinez for displaying a “Never Give In” performance in 2015. He is this year’s WCA Winner, which is very impressive award.  In the White Mountain Double’s history I have seen riders try as much five years straight before winning this award. My helmet goes off to Anthony!

I can’t over emphasize how much I appreciate the crew of volunteers. Each year, a higher level of experienced volunteers come to support the event, and each one of them executed their roles and responsibilities perfectly. You have my most sincere thanks for all you do in helping make the White Mountain Double a fun and safe event. I hope truly you enjoyed the weekend. It was my honor to have you supporting the White Mountain riders.

Thank you all again who participated in this year’s event and I am looking forward to seeing you again. Ride Safe.

With Gratitude ~ Jim Cook


2016 WMD Crew:
The White Mountain Double Century Support Crew has become truly very skill group that does an outstanding job of making one of the best support . A huge Thank You goes to an awesome group of volunteers who truly make this event better every year!

Aid Station Prep: Priscilla and Rachel Cook

Photographs: Hugh Murphy

Check-In: Corinne Puga, Lorna Lamb, & Julie Tiede
Follow Vehicles: Fred Klinzmann, Jalen and Parish Wright
West Guard Aid Station: Fred Klinzmann, Corinne Puga & Yi-Hui
Schulman Water Stop: Alan Bolf
Gilbert Pass Aid Station: Joni Bauer & Doug Beisner
Lunch @ Boonies: Thi Le and Boonies staff
Dan Crain’s Water Stop: Parish & Jalen Wright
Smoothie Station: Lorna Lamb, Julie Tiede, Ed Caluza, Priscilla & Rachel Cook
Benton Aid Station: Joni Bauer & Doug Beisner
Roving SAG: David & Melinda Blackwell
Sunday Crew Ride SAG: Jim Cook

A special thanks goes out to the awesome people at the California Triple Crown, Hammer Nutrition, Bishop Chamber of Commence, Lion’s Club of Bishop, Boonies Restaurant, California Highway Patrol, CalTrans at Bishop, Inyo County, Mono County, Nevada Department of Transportation, Nevada Highway Patrol, U.S. National Forest Service, Satellite Phone Store, M & K Enterprises , and Bishop Waste Disposal.

Rider and Volunteer Feedback:


Final Results:

Jason Perez 10:42 Highland – Double
Derek Stedman 11:20 Highland – Double
Gilles Bouchard 12:04 Lowland – Double
Mark Lowe 12:04 Highland – Double
Maximiliano Mehech 12:42 Highland – Double
Ben Tomsky 12:43 Highland – Double
Nodair Razi 13:20 Highland – Double
Rebecca Eckland 13:21 Highland – Double
Lori Hoechlin 13:21 Highland – Double
Ryosei Kaneko 13:25 Highland – Double
Samer Rezkalla 13:27 Highland – Double
Aaron Daly 13:29 Highland – Double
Richard Hoff 13:35 Lowland – Double
Calvin Erdman 13:49 Highland – Double
Gary Swanson 13:49 Highland – Double
Brandon Tinianov 13:49 Highland – Double
George Vargas 13:49 Highland – Double
Erbin Burbonic 14:08 Highland – Double
Bao Thanh 14:08 Highland – Double
Eric Ross 14:26 Lowland – Double
David Burkett 14:31 Highland – Double
Rosio Castanon 14:47 Highland – Double
Edward Reed 14:47 Highland – Double
John Seeley 14:47 Highland – Double
Kirsten McDaniel 14:57 Highland – Double
Darryl Cernusak 15:13 Lowland – Double
Jim Pettett 19:13 Lowland – Double
Andrew Valiunas 15:14 Lowland – Double
Ranay Franklin 15:17 Lowland – Double
Roehl Caragao 15:18 Highland – Double
Marilynn Laswell 15:18 Highland – Double
Mark Chuml 15:19 Highland – Double
Ruben Flores 15:33 Highland – Double
Ed Middlesworth 15:35 Highland – Double
Rich Staley 15:35 Highland – Double
Eric Hjort 15:38 Lowland – Double
Anthony Salariosa 15:40 Highland – Double
Boris Levitsky 15:43 Lowland – Double
Ronald Iseri 15:49 Highland – Double
Jules Freedman 15:57 Highland – Double
Jennifer Orr 16:00 Lowland – Double
Mitchell Blum 16:07 Highland – Double
Richard Burton 16:17 Highland – Double
Tiana Lefmann 16:21 Lowland – Double
Shelby Weber 16:21 Lowland – Double
Grace Endo 16:25 Highland – Double
Joseph Leon 16:25 Highland – Double
Tom Leard 16:26 Lowland – Double
Thang Nguyen 16:28 Highland – Double
Chuong Ma 16:30 Highland – Double
Ed Irvine 16:31 Highland – Double
Robert Esparza 16:32 Lowland – Double
Doug Fujii 16:35 Highland – Double
Andrew Hessel 16:42 Highland – Double
Steve Peters 16:43 Highland – Double
David Jeong 16:47 Lowland – Double
Mark Zacarias 16:49 Highland – Double
Darren True 17:05 Highland – Double
Edward Gallegos 17:08 Lowland – Double
Craig Hill 17:13 Highland – Double
Cherminne Hornedo 17:19 Lowland – Double
Michael McManus 17:19 Lowland – Double
Terri Boykins 17:21 Lowland – Double
John Clare 17:21 Lowland – Double
Parisa Gheidarpour 17:21 Lowland – Double
John Hopkins 17:21 Highland – Double
Chris Beauchamp 17:21 Highland – Double
Bob Esch 17:21 Lowland – Double
Jedediah Staley 17:21 Lowland – Double
Sol Ameen 17:27 Lowland – Double
Linda Dal Gallo 17:27 Lowland – Double
Arnel Dionisio 17:27 Highland – Double
Kirk Larson 17:27 Highland – Double
Ferdinand De Guzman 17:28 Highland – Double
Stephen Maquiso 17:28 Lowland – Double
Mario Miranda Jr 17:28 Highland – Double
Steven Neiner 17:28 Highland – Double
Tito Nierra 17:28 Highland – Double
Don Scott 17:32 Highland – Double
Rose Carroll 17:33 Highland – Double
Chilly Miranda 17:33 Highland – Double
Nancy Russell 17:37 Highland – Double
Tom Verna 17:42 Lowland – Double
Doe Asombrado 17:43 Highland – Double
Rachel Goldeen 17:53 Highland – Double
Greg Seader 17:56 Highland – Double
Ron Fields 18:05 Lowland – Double
Allan Realiza 18:14 Highland – Double
Francis Avecilla 18:15 Lowland – Double
Glenn Lejano 18:15 Highland – Double
Mhelvin Ramos 18:15 Lowland – Double
James Tolosa 18:15 Highland – Double
Mar Villaflor 18:15 Highland – Double
Benny Viloria 18:15 Highland – Double
Anthony Martinez 18:18 Highland – Double
Stephen Arellanes 18:19 Lowland – Double
Gloria Arellanes 18:19 Lowland – Double
Steven Blackwell 18:19 Lowland – Double
Gregory Carlsen 18:19 Lowland – Double
Kenny Dasalla 18:19 Lowland – Double
Sonny Atud 18:20 Highland – Double
Mike Mangaoang 18:20 Highland – Double
Joel Tanjuakio 18:20 Lowland – Double
Jerry Ugalino 18:20 Highland – Double
Roland Velasco 18:20 Highland – Double
Daniel Wong 18:21 Highland – Double
Margaret Benson 18:21 Highland – Double
David Vomund 18:21 Highland – Double
Tommy Pham 18:26 Highland – Double
Dung D. Huynh 18:27 Highland – Double
Paul Bryant 18:31 Lowland – Double
Jason Willoughby 18:31 Lowland – Double
Becky Berka 18:33 Highland – Double
Rick Jacobson 18:33 Highland – Double
Ellen Kirk 18:33 Lowland – Double
Tony Musorafite 18:33 Highland – Double
Doug Beisner 18:35 Lowland – Double
Joni Bauer 18:35 Lowland – Double
Mike Kuliga 18:40 Highland – Double
Paul Lukins 18:44 Highland – Double
Lori Cherry 18:47 Lowland – Double
Gerd Rosenblatt 18:47 Lowland – Double
Orville Buenaventura 18:50 Highland – Double
Camellia Geary 18:52 Lowland – Double
Mike Geary 18:52 Highland – Double
Joy Yang 18:59 Lowland – Double
A-Shun Or 19:05 Highland – Double
Aliaksei Artamonau DNF Highland – Double
Jim Baker DNF Highland – Double
Jason Brass DNF Highland – Double
Nestor Cantorna DQ Highland – Double
George Chung DNF Lowland – Double
David Ciha DNF Lowland – Double
Darwin Embesan DNF Highland – Double
Fritz Fleischmann DNF Highland – Double
Vechi Hardwick DNF Highland – Double
Jami Horner DNF Highland – Double
Gary Kleinfeldt DNF Highland – Double
Peter Merrill DNF Highland – Double
Lisa Miller DNF Lowland – Double
Alec Strom DNF Highland – Double
Bill Wright DNF Highland – Double
Carol Ambuhl DNS Lowland – Double
Zoltah Goncze DNS Highland – Double
Martin Hukle DNS Lowland – Double
Scott Kong DNS Lowland – Double
Thaddeus Orzechowski DNS Lowland – Double
Richard Reitz DNS Highland – Double
Julian Schafer DNS Lowland – Double
Linus Silva DNS Highland – Double
Bruce Wessels DNS Lowland – Double
Ray Zambroski DNS Highland – Double
Mark Zerega DNS Highland – Double