2015 WMD Results

The Seventh Annual White Mountain Double was the very exciting year with riders from six states/provinces and two countries. The heat and wind made a challenging course even bit more challenging, which cause two-thirds of the riders to finish in the last three hours of a 19-hour event . Ninety-five riders put the rubber down on the double century. Eighty-two riders crossed the finish line. The names of all those that finished are listed below, and those riders that DNF and DNS are also listed. The rider’s that DNF or DNS have the opportunity to come back next year to earn the Winston Churchill Award.

First Place Men Finisher: Robert Schofield

CONGRATULATIONS! Robert 12 hours 19 minutes. Robert of course stopped at the Smoothie Shack to enjoy the first smoothie of this year’s ride. He finished alone and 41 minutes in front of the second place finisher (Gilles Bouchard). However, he would have had company if Danny Davisson had ridden on Saturday instead of the Sunday Staff Ride.  Danny was blessed with 10-20 degree cooler and tailwinds and he finished in a cool 11 hours and 36 minutes. Thanks Danny for volunteering on Saturday that was a great help and very appreciated.  Congrats to both Danny and Robert on turning in the fastest times this year!

First Place Women Finisher: Sarah Swigart
CONGRATULATIONS!! Sarah was first woman to come across the finish line. She finished in 14 hours and 3 minutes. Sarah was also the first rider to the top of White Mountain, and set record as being the youngest woman to finish the White Mountain Double at 29 years old.

First Place Tandem Team Finishers: Paul McKenize and Sarah Schroer
CONGRATULATIONS!! Paul and Sarah are White Mountain Tandem Team Record Holders. They came back this year for a 13 hours and 13 minutes cruise into a first place finish.

The Winston Churchill Award, “Never Give In” is given to a rider who did not complete the White Mountain Double Century, but had tenacity and determination to came back another season and finished! A SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS to Tim Lange for displaying a “Never Give In” performance in 2015. He is this year’s WCA Winner, which is very impressive award.  In the White Mountain Double’s history I have seen riders try as much five years straight before winning this award. My helmet goes off all WCA winners!

Once again I am inspired by everyone’s participation and efforts to finish the course. The weather each year is unpredictable for the White Mountain events, and the Saturday event was hot with headwinds and the Sunday Staff ride was cool rainy with tailwinds.

I can’t over emphasize how much I appreciate the crew of volunteers. Each year, a higher level of experienced volunteers come to support the event, and each one of them executed their roles and responsibilities perfectly. You have my most sincere thanks for all you do in helping make the White Mountain Double a fun and safe event. I hope truly you enjoyed the weekend. It was my honor to have you supporting the White Mountain riders.

Thank you all again who participated in this year’s event and I am looking forward to seeing you again. Ride Safe.

With Gratitude ~ Jim Cook


2015 WMD Crew:
The White Mountain Double Century Support Crew has become truly very skill group that does an outstanding job of making one of the best support . A huge Thank You goes to an awesome group of volunteers who truly make this event better every year!

Aid Station Prep: Priscilla and Rachel Cook
Check-In: Anny Beck, Lynne Billie, Mike Nguyen, Jim Cook
Follow Vehicles: Rich Staley, Rebecca Eckland, & Jami Horner
West Guard Aid Station: Fred Klinzmann, Lynne Billie, Hugh Murphy
Palmento Water Station: Danny Davisson
Schulman Water Stop: Don & Frieda McKaughan
Gilbert Pass Aid Station: Joni Bauer & Doug Beisner
Lunch @ Boonies: Jami Horner
Dan Crain’s Water Stop: Mike McCarthy
Smoothie Station: Paul Gammel, Priscilla & Rachel Cook
Hwy 6 Water Stop: Danny Davisson, Don & Frieda McKaughan
Basalt Aid Station: Fred Klinzmann & Lynne Billie,
Benton Aid Station: Joni Bauer & Doug Beisner
Roving SAG: Paul Gammel, Rich Staley, Rebecca Eckland, & Jami Horner
Sunday Crew Ride SAG: Jim Cook

A special thanks goes out to the awesome people at the California Triple Crown, Hammer Nutrition, Bishop Chamber of Commence, Lion’s Club of Bishop, Boonies Restaurant, California Highway Patrol, CalTrans at Bishop, Inyo County, Mono County, Nevada Department of Transportation, Nevada Highway Patrol, U.S. National Forest Service, Satellite Phone Store, M & K Enterprises , and Bishop Waste Disposal.

Rider and Volunteer Feedback:

Thank you so much for all the fun you had planned for me. I think I had more fun than anyone else on the ride.

Gary Jeans

Thanks for putting on a great Double last Saturday!! Weather was hot but all the water stops were in the right places and the volunteers were great and very helpful. Thanks again

Dennis Sieber



Name Town/City State H/L Finishing Time Comment
Danny Davisson Placentia CA H 11:36 Staff Ride
Robert L Schofield Carson City NV H 12:19
Gilles Bouchard Los Altos CA H 13:00
Dave Reynolds Salt Lake City UT H 13:04
Paul McKenzie Berkeley CA H 13:13 Tandem
Sarah Schroer Petaluma CA H 13:13 Tandem
ERIC ROSS Bakersfield CA L 13:32
Romeo banes Colton CA L 14:03
Sarah Swigart San Diego CA H 14:03
Tom Storelli Carmichael CA L 14:22
Barry Miller Thousand Oaks CA L 14:22
Kathleen Merrill Elk Grove CA L 14:22
Alexis Berthillier Mountain View CA H 14:38
Jeff Gutierrez Eureka CA H 14:38
michael uhler Oakland CA H 14:38 Classic
Steven Kreider Carson City NV H 14:38
Fritz Fleischmann Sparks NV H 14:42
Quynh Nguyen Riverside CA L 14:55
Wayne Hunter Clovis CA L 14:56
Jeffrey L Ambio Irvine CA H 15:03
Kimberly Keathley Bakersfield CA H 15:03 Tandem
Roehl Carragao Fresno CA H 15:03 Tandem
Richard Hoff Sanger CA H 15:03 Tandem
Chris Asmus Diamond Bar CA L 15:05 Tandem
Sergio Sandoval Bermuda Dunes CA H 15:24
Christopher Beauchamp Los Gatos CA H 15:38
Rick Miyashiro Gardenville NV H 15:42
Andrea Green Mission Viejo CA H 15:44
Ed Irvine San Jose CA H 16:03
Jerry Green Redlands CA L 16:06
Leonard Moore Aptos CA H 16:24
David Jeong San Francisco CA L 16:24
Janet Lucido Fresno CA L 16:30
Sarah Mata Selma CA L 16:30
Suzanne Ellis Fresno CA L 16:30
Steven Neiner Lodi CA H 16:31
Nestor Granados Los Angelse CA H 16:33
byron ho San Francisco CA H 16:39
Kirsten McDaniel Campbell CA H 16:39
Ranay Franklin clovis CA H 16:42
Alex Tasch Riverside CA H 16:45
Evelyn Marshall Escondido CA H 16:45
Juliani Weko San Diego CA H 16:45
Michael Moore Fremont CA L 16:51
Dennis Sieber Anthem AZ L 16:56
Alexiss Lopez Glendale CA L 17:12
Diomedes Punongbayan Glendale CA L 17:12
Jason Joven Los Angeles CA L 17:12
Francis Borje Northridge CA L 17:15
Ronald Cuevas Van Nuys CA L 17:15
Victor Marras Sherman Oaks CA L 17:20
Jason Brass Reno NV H 17:22
David V Machen RENO NV H 17:23
Rosio Castanon San Diego CA H 17:24
John Parsons Santa Cruz CA H 17:30
Stephen Murphy San Anselmo CA H 17:32
Kenneth D. Adams Riverside CA H 17:36
Rick Jackson Sherman Oaks CA L 17:37
Ellen Kirk Del Mar CA L 17:37
Tony Musorafito Torrance CA L 17:37
Gary Jeans Hayward CA L 17:46
Russell Cammel San Bernanio CA L 17:46
Teresa Shitlett Healdsburg CA L 17:46
Dzung Dang San Jose CA L 17:47
Mike Nguyen Garden Grove CA L 17:47
John Grady Carmichael CA L 17:54
Dick Ferrer Brentwood CA L 18:02
David Ciha El Cajon CA L 18:13
Jun Acob Monterey Park CA L 18:30
Anny Beck Bellflower CA H 18:30
Alan Apolinar Irvine CA L 18:35
Ellen Gammel Reno NV L 18:35
Joel Hermoso Cerritos CA H 18:35
Jon Yuson Burbank CA L 18:35
Katherine Cousins Los Angeles CA H 18:35
Jenifer Root Reno NV L 18:37
Brian Root Reno NV H 18:38
Krist Roginski Menlo Park CA H 18:40
Lisa miller La Jolla CA L 18:41
Paul Ries Palo Alto CA H 18:41
Tim Lange San Jose CA L 18:46
Don McKaughan Sacramento CA L 19:05 Staff Ride
Jimmy Oetjen Lakewood CA L DNF
Aaron Mock Medford OR L DNF
Charles Griffice Orange CA H DNF
Charles Roecken Castro Valley CA H DNF
Doraisamy Ganeshkumar Folsom CA H DNF
Howard Wallace Lompoc CA L DNF
Jim Pettett Cave Creek AZ L DNF
Martha Mattox San Francisco CA 143 DNF
Michael McManus Roseville CA L DNF
Richard Reitz Las Vegas NV H DNF
Sean Flaherty stockton CA H DNF
Shelley Lane Yosemite National Park CA L DNF
Trina Long Elverta CA L DNF
Jesus Bautista Irvine CA DNS
Leonard Atkinson Folsom CA DNS
Luis Gonzalez Whitter CA DNS
Nathaniel Keller San Francisco CA DNS
Peter Merrill Sunnyvale CA DNS
Quyet Nguyen Garden Grove CA DNS
Ronald quitoriano fresno CA DNS
Stephen Work Chico CA DNS
Steven Cottle Redwood City CA DNS
Thomas McNulty La Canada CA DNS
William Murphy Long Beach CA DNS